The FPAA primary members use their clinical experience to inform evidence-based education programs across Australia for a wide range of workforces including doctors, nurses, midwives, Aboriginal health practitioners, allied health professionals, teachers, counsellors, youth workers and other community and support workers.

We believe high quality, clinically accurate education programs are essential to achieving better sexual and reproductive health outcomes.

Our primary members provide high quality sexual and reproductive health education.

Education Services

  • FPAA Sexual and Reproductive Health Certificate (5 day) – for General Practitioners
  • Sexual Health Certificate (5 day) – for Nurses/Midwives
  • IUD Insertion Training
  • Contraceptive Implant Training
  • Cervical Screening Training
  • Pregnancy Choices Training
  • Sexually Transmissible Infections Training
  • Contraception Training
  • LGBTIQ Inclusive Services Training.
  • Relationships and sexual health curriculum teacher training
  • In-classroom education
  • Parent workshops
  • Educational resources
  • Relationships and sexual health training for community workers, youth workers and disability workers.
  • Education for vulnerable community groups

Access Education in Your State

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