This page lists some of our recent submissions. 

FPAA Pre-budget submission #1Re-establishing a SRHR peak; plus a suite of new health initiatives.Treasury Department, Minister for Health and Aged Care07/11/2023
FPAA Pre-budget submission #2Scaling up comprehensive relationships and sexual health education across Australia.Treasury Department, Ministers for Health and Aged Care, Education, Women25/01/2024
Triple Bulk Billing Incentive GapTBB incentive not being paid for sexual and reproductive health consultations under telehealth.Minister for Health and Aged Care11/12/2023
Response to the Senate inquiry into universal access to reproductive health careEnding the postcode lottery: Adressing barriers to sexual, maternity and reproductive health careMinister for Health and Aged Care26/06/2023
Strengthening sexual and reproductive health nursing in AustraliaGreater investment in training to enable more nurses to work to top of scope.Minister and Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care13/08/2023
Response to consultation on National Strategy for Gender EqualityInclusion of SRHR as a key element of the Strategy, developing a National SRH Strategy, greater investment in SRHR advocacy, and CSEDepartment for Prime Minister and Cabinet17/04/2023
Gender Bias in contraceptive procedures in primary careInequitable MBS rebates for IUD vs vasectomyMinister and Assistant Minister for Health and Aged Care05/07/2023
Response to the Draft National Early Years StrategyGreater investment in education for parents and carers on comprehensive relationships and sexuality educationDepartment of Social Services08/02/2024
Submission to the Senate inquiry into issues related to menopause and peri-menopauseA submission with 16 recommendations to the enquiry.Senate Standing Committees on Community Affairs14/03/2024
Sexual behaviours in children and young peopleAdvice on National Principles and Key TerminologyNational Office of Child Safety23/10/2023